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More Opportunities, Less Constraints

Our Mission Statement:

"Providing the framework, structure, brand, and freedom for independent real estate brokers to work professionally, efficiently, ethically, and profitably."

Making the move to Metro Brokers opens up a wealth of new directions to meet your professional goals. If you are seeking independence, greater control of your business and the ability to maximize your income, Metro Brokers is your only choice.


Achieve Professional Advancement At Any Level

Are you …

Considering the Real Estate profession Metro Brokers offers the opportunity to rise from a new licensee to a business level of your choice without ever leaving the brand along with the ability to work with top, experienced professionals in the industry.


A Broker Associate looking for a change from your current company, or experienced enough to consider becoming an Independent Broker, or eager for a business culture that lets you blend your work and lifestyle.


An Independent Broker with an entrepreneurial spirit looking for an income model that lets you benefit more from your work, or ready to become an Employing Broker with associates that you can mentor to everyone’s advantage.


An Employing Broker who seeks the satisfaction of owning their business, making their own decisions and ready to generate income beyond your day-to-day commissions, while building a legacy of long-term value.


A Team Leader who seeks the satisfaction of owning their real estate brokerage, to generate income without constraints.


A Company Owner who wants the independence to pursue business and build relationships utilizing your personal strengths and interests, with a company that will appreciate your experience and optimize your success.


Today there are more opportunities at Metro Brokers for real estate professionals than any other company offering in the industry. Make your move to regain control of your own business!


Become A Metro Broker

More freedom, more opportunities and more mentoring from experienced brokers, means success at Metro Brokers.


Professional Development

Metro Brokers is committed to your continuing education. 

We want you, and all of our brokers, to maintain the high level of professionalism that reflects our brand and contributes to your success. Convenient and affordable, we offer required Continuing Education classes at a reduced rate through your choice of online classes, through our partner, The CE Shop, or in an actual classroom setting. We provide on-going sales training to enhance your skill set and improve your productivity. We also partner with other real estate associations and our own industry suppliers to offer additional, beneficial seminars that could further expand your expertise and earnings.


And if you know someone who would like to become a real estate broker….  Metro Brokers is now the first major brand to offer its own pre-licensing training program - an affordable online option that gives future REALTORS® access to a Metro Brokers branded course schedule. We also partner with schools providing interactive classroom options. These programs meet your individual needs and feature exam pass rates of over 90%. We make it easy to introduce new professionals to a career at Metro Brokers.


It’s easy to get started with Metro Brokers as a Broker Associate or as an Independent Broker.


You can start the process of becoming a Metro Broker by filling the Contact Us form.


If you are interested in starting your own office as an Independent Broker you can fill out the Contact Us form online which will help us move you down that path.


For ANY questions please call us at 303-843-0100. We are happy to discuss the different ways you can join Metro Brokers and enjoy the freedom to maximize your productivity and reap the rewards.


Greater Potential Earnings

Our powerful earnings model allows you to retain 100% of your commission. This unique system utilizes a monthly fee-based structure for services and royalties which gives you more control of your costs and rewards your sales abilities like no other system.


See the difference for yourself.


You have the drive to succeed in building your own business. Metro Brokers gives you the tools, training, technology and systems to create long-term value.

Follow Your Entrepreneurial Dreams


Metro Brokers offers you the opportunity to work in every phase of real estate, commercial, residential, property management and more.

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