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Why Join Us?

Metro Brokers allows for unlimited opportunities and business models: "Providing the Framework, Structure, Brand and Freedom for Real Estate Brokers to work Professionally, Efficiently and Profitably."

  • Property Management

  • Broker Associate

  • Independent Broker

  • Managing Broker

  • Join a Team

  • Own a Company

  • Start a Team

  • Own an Office

  • Turn your Team into a Real Company


Valuable brand recognition.

For over 48 years, Metro Brokers has been a recognized name across the great state of Colorado. Our consistent media and marketing efforts continue to build powerful brand awareness that brings instant credibility and drives business to our members. That’s how our members have generated Billions in Colorado real estate sales. 

Become A Metro Broker

More freedom, more opportunities and more mentoring from experienced brokers, means success at Metro Brokers.


Technology and Services

Metro Brokers puts a wealth of innovative technology and business resources at your disposal. They include everything from personal websites and lead-generating Ad-Word campaigns, CRM software and more. You’ll enjoy industry and technology training and group purchasing discounts that will reduce your costs and enhance your professional image. As a Metro Broker you will have all the tools you need to maximize your business growth.


Earn More

We believe your earnings should be yours alone. Unlike other real estate models that take a healthy percentage of every commission, the unique Metro Brokers model allows you to retain more of your commissions. Our single monthly fee rewards your real estate business as no other model can.


Location Choices

Metro Brokers offers multiple locations throughout Colorado. You choose which office to affiliate or open your own. Each location is independently owned and operated.


Pursue Your Passion

There are many different facets to the real estate business, and Metro Brokers allows you to pursue any business opportunity that interests you. That can include residential, commercial, property management and real estate development.

The hallmark of the Metro Brokers’ philosophy is to accommodate your specialized real estate business.


More freedom, more opportunities and fewer constraints, means satisfaction and success at Metro Brokers.

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